Old devices

Thru the years I have used a lot of devices. Below is a list of the ones I could remember and find images of 🙂

Mobile devices

These are all devices which could be called PDA’s.

Sharp ZQ-2400 

My first PDA type device worth mentioning. It only had 64KB but that was more than enough for addresses and simple notes.

Year 1993
Display 72 x 32 pixels
Memory 64KB
Manual  Download


Sharp OZ-7000 

Twice the memory compared to the ZQ-2400 (128KB), a better screen, bigger keyboard and most important, an expansion slot which was touch sensitive. I had several expansion cards among which Tetris :).

Year ?
3Com Palm IIIx 

The first usable and affordable PDA. It ran for weeks on two AAA batteries and there was a lot of software for it. Also the HotSync software was great for syncing while the device was standing in it’s dock. I upgraded my device with 2MB extra storage (making it a IIIxe with 4MB) and a SmartMedia expansion slot. I still have the device :).

Asus MyPal 620 2003
Motorola MPX100 2004
Motorola MPX220 2004
MDA Vario (HTC Wizard 200)  2005
MDA Vario 3 (HTC TyTN II / HTC Kaiser) 2007
HTC Touch HD 2008
Sony Xperia X10i 

My first Android phone. Being used to the Windows Mobile custom roms I expected a lot. Unfortunately it was already clear back than than fully working custom roms where scarce. For the X10i for example a lot of roms where made, but unfortunately in none of them the camera worked. And that was the only good thing about this phone…..

Nokia N97 Mini 2 

What can I say…. It was a work phone otherwise it would have ended in the trash much sooner.

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II 

The replacement for the N97 above… What a joy! Good screen, a good 8MP camera and descent battery life.

Acer Liquid Z4 

I needed a private phone again and it needed to be cheap. I should have listened to my heart because Acer still makes crap devices. The only good thing was the price: 70 euro’s.

Nokia Lumia 630 

Back to Windows 🙂 Also a cheap device with only 512MB of RAM but compared to Android 4.x which was slow as hell, Windows 8 ran great.

Nokia Lumia 640 

A better screen, Windows 10 support and now with a camera flash 🙂 The only reason I replaced it was the fact that I could renew my service contract.

Nokia Lumia 950XL 

My last phone :). Although Microsoft could certainly do better in supporting Windows Phone 10, this is a great device! Like all big phone’s the battery life could certainly be better but with a 2560×1440 sceen and a 20MP camera (which makes perfect photo’s) who can complain ;).

Sony Xperia XA2 

Since Windows Phone 10 is as good as dead back to Android. Unfortunately……