PVC Bows

A little more than a year ago I came across BackyardBoywer’s Youtube channel where you can learn how to make a bow using a PCV pipe and a heat gun. Since then I have made several for my daughter, one of my sons and of course myself  ? . Bellow are some of the more successful attempts  ? :

Tjesse’s bow
Made from a piece of electricity pipe and some isolation foam as a handle (covered in duct tape). I made the string myself from 4 strands of polyester wire. It’s about 12 pounds which is strong enough for him (as he is only 6 years old). Since he of course needs something to carry his arrows in I made a quiver from some left over pvc:
Sterre’s Elven bow
Like all adult size bows this one is made from grey 32mm PVC pipe. The string is a piece of 4mm Polyethylene. The material is great (hardly any stretching and weather/water proof) but 4mm is a little bit to thick for a standard arrow nock.
My hunting bow
As you can clearly see the limbs are not exactly the same but with 28 pounds it is a very capable and portable bow which I use quite often. I did change the string to 3,5mm Polyethylene since that fits my arrow nocks better. The only disavantage”s is that I myself cannot draw it fully due to it”s length (the PCV does have it”s limits) but when shooting on instinct that does not matter.