After being interested in archery for a long time I finally made the decision to join a club in 2009. I almost immediately was hooked and after borrowing club material for about a year I bought my own bow, a Greenhorn Diamond: 12045605_1045482792129516_5183483717885392779_o
  • Greenhorn Diamond riser (LH)
  • Greenhorn Carbon Ultra 38-42# limbs
  • Spigarelli Z/T arrowrest
  • SF Forged button
  • A7 Pro Recurve Bow String Fast Flight Plus
  • Avalon A3 tab (not in the picture)
  I shoot with real and ”fake wooden” arrows (the last being Gold Tip carbons with a wood print): WP_20150926_17_42_53_Pro I personally prefer the carbons since they can take more abuse which is very handy when a target is placed behind or next to a tree 😉 .