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GEDCOM Fixer 0.2.1 beta

As of yet this program has only one specific function: to prepare GEDCOM exports for the GedStar Pro desktop application. Since not all genealogy applications correct GEDCOM problems it might also be usefull for other imports of files.
The following problems/issue's will be fixed:
- The married name is dropped (not needed)
- The first and middle name will be combined (middle name will otherwise be dropped in conversion) (fixed as of 2012-08-21!)
- The biography is converted is a standard note (fixed as of 2012-08-21!)
- Adds missing relationship links (single parents and some couples where no marriage has been defined) (closer examination is needed but it seems technicaly only single parents are affected!)
- Converts the photo file path to a local path so that they can be imported (read below)
I have removed the now unneeded fixes for the middle name and the biography from versio 0.2.1b as these issue's have been solved. If your file still has these problems please create a new export from wikitree!
Also, since GedStar Pro does not support online image's, I have added support for a local image folder. On first startup a subfolder (Photos) will  be created in the application folder. Save all your Wikitree photo's there (use the Wikitree file name!!) and as soon as a local copy is found the URL in the GEDCOM file will be updated resulting in a succesful GedStar Pro conversion :)
Simply select your .GED file and press the convert button. The file will be saved next to the original with _fixed added to it's name. Due to the relationship fix the program has become 'somewhat' slow and unresponsive. Just start it and wait for the completion message wink.
Most recent version:
GEDCOM Fixer 0.2.1 beta Windows
Outdated versions:  
GEDCOM Fixer 0.2 beta Windows


Version 0.2.1b (22/08/2012)
- removed the fixes for middle name as this is fixed.

Version 0.2b (17/7/2012)
- first working version


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