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Aptoide XML Generator 0.2.5

Warning: there is a new version of Aptoide (2.7.0) but it does not work properly! After update all stores will be gone and adding them does not seem to work, although I have updated Aptoide XML Generator to version 0.2.5 which includes the undocumented Aptoide XML changes.

If you have already updated Aptoide the previous version which did work (2.6.1) can be found here. You can also download the following Aptoide 2.6.1 of which I changed the internal version number to 999 so that it will not remind you that there is a new version everytime you open it.

With Aptoide XML Generator you can create the XML files needed by Aptoide on your windows computer (without installing PHP)! 

Since the server specifications provided on are 'slightly' outdated I have had to determine the right file format through trial and error (fortunately it is easy to see working examples of the xml files on At the moment Aptoide XML Generator retrieves and processes the following APK file information:


  • Visible name (<name>)
  • Name (<apkid>)
  • File path (<path>)
  • Icon (<icon>)1
  • Version (<ver>)
  • Version code (<vercode>)
  • File date (<date>)
  • MD5 (<md5h>)
  • Size in KB (<sz>)
  • Category (<catg>)2
  • Minimal required SDK version (<minSdk>)
  • Downloads (<dwn>; always set to 0)
  • Rating (<rat>; always set to 0)
  • Age (<age>; always set to All)
1) The icon is extracted and moved to the icons subfolder in your Aptoide base folder (if not present it will be created) with the APK's MD5 sum as filename (ie. MD5sum.png).
2) The APK's category is not stored in the APK file itself. To have some basic category support version 0.1.4 looks in which folder the APK is located. If the file path starts with Applications or Games that respective category will be selected for the file.

Since a application description is something you really cannot do without Aptoide XML Generator also creates a extras.xml which contains this information:


  • Name (<apkid>)
  • Description (<cmt>)

To add a description to an application just copy a txt file with the visible name of the application (see the name tag in the info.xml file) to the same folder as where the apk file is located.


Currently there are some limitations but they are caused by the client application:

  • Folders and file names may NOT contain spaces! The application list will download perfectly but if there is a space in the apk's URL it cannot be downloaded by the client.
  • There is no screenshot support since the api's on the site are used (and your repository is probably not hosted there if you are using this tool).

I have done thorough testing of the application (up to 1400 APK file's) and so far, besides the speed when used over the network (but that is obvious), I found no problems*. If you however do encounter problems just let me know (before you do, check if you have changed the default values of the Aptoide Folder and the Aptoide Base URL)! 

* I recently had a Out of bound error while running the tool with more than 3000 APK file's but when I had cleared the temp (application folder emp) and the icon folder (Aptoide folderIcons) everything went fine again. If you encounter this problem please let me know!



Most recent version:

Aptoide XML Generator 0.2.5

Outdated versions:
Aptoide XML Generator 0.2.4 Windows
Aptoide XML Generator 0.2.3 Windows
Aptoide XML Generator 0.2.2 Windows
Aptoide XML Generator 0.2.1 Windows
Aptoide XML Generator 0.2 Windows
Aptoide XML Generator Windows
Aptoide XML Generator 0.1.5 Windows
Aptoide XML Generator 0.1.4 Windows
Aptoide XML Generator 0.1.3 Windows
Aptoide XML Generator 0.1.2 Windows
Aptoide XML Generator 0.1.1 Windows
Aptoide XML Generator 0.1 Windows


Version 0.2.5 (24/06/2012)
- added the new Aptoide 2.7.0 xml header tags: (same as the base path) and (basepath + /screens/)
- added the new Aptoide 2.7.0 xml detail tags: (since I do not discriminate it will be set to All on default ;))

Version 0.2.4 (04/03/2012)
- fixed a MD5 HASH problem (on rare occasions this prevented installation of an app)

Version 0.2.3 (16/02/2012)
- Added an optional path exclusion string
- Fixed some typo's

Version 0.2.2 (11/02/2012)
- Added support for non png icons so that all icon's are shown correctly

Version 0.2.1 (30/01/2012)
- Progress bar displays is more gradual now

Version 0.2 (30/01/2012)
- Indexing progress is now shown in a seperate status window
- Name issues should be resolved for good

Version (26/01/2012)
- Fixed a small bug

Version 0.1.5 (23/01/2012)
- Support for more exotic application names
- Reduced the window size a little bit
- Cleaned up the code

Version 0.1.4 (22/01/2012)
- Basic category support (; if the file path starts with Applications or Games the respective category is selected)

Version 0.1.3 (22/01/2012)
- The total number of APK files is now written to the info.xml ()

Version 0.1.2 (22/01/2012)
- The default folders are now stored in the settings.txt file inside the application folder

Version 0.1.1 (22/01/2012)
- Fixed a small bug (on rare occasions the app name contains a & symbol ;))

Version 0.1 (21/01/2012)
- First 'fully' working version

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or suggestions!

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