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Android Customizer is, again, a experimental program I made quickly to save myself a lot of manual work after a android reflash. It can do the following things:

  • Copy a prepared build.prop file into the correct folder (/system)
  • Install a custom boot animation (/system/media)
  • Replace the root certificates file with a version to which you for example have added your own root certificate (/system/etc/security)
  • Copy user certificates to the sdcard for easy install from within android (/mnt/sdcard)
  • Install APK file's (3 Categories: Applications, Games and (Live) Wallpapers; select multiple with the CTRL key pressed)

This program just creates a batch file (tasks.bat) with the appropriate adb commands which it runs, so before running your device needs to be connected in Developer Mode with working drivers (developement kit, etc). If you do not know what this means then please do not use this tool!

You need to place the appopriate files in the following directories (relative to the application):

File type   Directory
build.prop   /Data/System
Bootanimations (each file needs to be in its own subfolder)   /Data/Boot Animations
cacerts.bks (root certificate)   /Data/Certificates/Root
User certificates (*.PFX)   /Data/Certificates/User
Applications (*.APK)   /Data/Apps
Games (*.APK)   /Data/Games
Wallpapers (*.APK)   /Data/Wallpapers

At the moment there are serious points for improvement:

  • no logging what so ever
  • no notification of completing unless you have left the Reboot checkbox on wink

When you do encounter problems and you wish for a log file: you can run the tasks.bat file in the application folder manually which will show what happens (and more important what does not happen).


Most recent version:
Android Customizer 0.1.3 Windows
Outdated versions:  
Android Customizer 0.1.2a Windows
Android Customizer 0.1.1a Windows
Android Customizer 0.1a Windows


Version 0.1.3 (16/01/2012)
- No real logging yet but job information is written into log.txt

Version 0.1.2a (16/01/2012)
- Fixed a couple of stupid errors

Version 0.1.1a (16/01/2012)
- Install root certificate option not only available if a cacerts.bks file is present

Version 0.1a (16/01/2012)
- first version

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or suggestions!

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