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Qware Pro 3 - ICS Update

2012-07-20 Finally a 'official' 4.0.4 ICS rom, for the 'old' Pro 3 version (512MB RAM), was uploaded on the Chinese Ployer site. So far I have only flashed it and the first thing noticable is the low dpi size. Android version is 4.0.4 and the basband version is 1.4rc3. It definately feels fast and the Quadrant 2 score proves it: 2416 on first run cool. I am currently uploading the rom but as soon as it finished I will post a link on the downloads page.

Update: CWM installer still works laugh. Will be testing the su update and busybox install a.s.a.p.

Update 2: CWM seems to work at first but it does not (system won't boot after CWM session)!

2012-03-28 Yesterday MOMO released a new rom dated 2012-03-14. So far the only real change I notice is the baseband number (1.0). The download for this rom can be found on the downloads page.

2012-03-12 The official Qware ICS update has been released laugh. The rom is dated a little bit older than the two below but, as far as I have tested it, it is certainly better/faster! Root still works, CWM can be installed although the old one did not work (see the custom rom page for more information and the downloads page for the correct version) and as I said: it's faster! The first Quadrant score without SetSPU installed was 1954 so I wonder what can be done with a little tweaking cool.

2012-03-09 Today two new roms have appeared: 97F2-D1-H1-H01-1714.20120307 (Airpad) and 97F2-D1-H1-H01-1655.20120308 (Cherry). Both roms have been further improved but have drawbacks. With 97F2-D1-H1-H01-1714.20120307 all hardware works but google apps are not included (possibly easy to fix with which needs to be installed with CWM). In the 97F2-D1-H1-H01-1655.20120308 rom the google apps are installed and seem to work but the camera does not. Since the official rom will be released on monday I reverted to the custom rom below which still works perfectly.

2012-03-02 A user from has created a very nice custom ICS rom (FezzFest_Momo9_ICS) based on the 2012-02-25 rom for the MOMO9. It is even faster (1800+ Quadrant score) and the market should show more apps. 

2012-03-01 And another one: 97F1-D1-H2-H01-N412.20120225 smiley. It has baseband 0.9 which seems to provide hardware acceleration. I do not know for sure if this is true but all the lag while using the interface has gone! Another, in my eyes, important improvement of this rom: wallpaper scrolling has been fixed cool.

2012-02-25 Yet another ICS rom has appeared in the wild: 4.0-MOMO9C-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N412.20120220. It is again a 4.0.3 rom but now with Flash working! Speed is, according to Quadrant 2.0, the same as the previous 4.0.3 rom (1700+ score).

2012-02-16 There is a new rom to try: 4.0-MOMO9C-97F1-D1-H2-H01-N412.20120206. It's a 4.0.3 rom and it seems to be the best ICS rom so far laugh. Just like the Kevin rom it has 1GB of app storage. Flash does not work but overal it feels a lot faster. Games now also work a lot better and even the PlanetScape live wallpaper works perfectly, although not as fast as it does on the default 2.3.4 rom.


2012-01-14 You can also flash a new test release: MOMO9C-4-Kevin. I have not tested this one yet but apparantly it does not need the patch mentioned above! It also has 1GB of storage (instead of the 256MB of the Neutral4 image) so it should be a lot more usable.

After this you will have a fully working ICS 4.0.1 tablet cool



2012-01-12 As of today there is a working ICS 4.0.1 update for the Qware Pro 3 (well, officially the update is for the MOMO9 but the devices are fortunately almost identical). If you are already familiar with the normal firmware update procedure installing it is very easy:

  • Download the MOMO Neutral4 update image.
  • Download the patch file.
  • Start LiveSuite and start the update procedure and select the MOMO9 update file (MOMO9-Neutral 4.img)
  • Wait until the flashing has completed and start up the tablet
  • Connect it to the pc (do not turn of debugging!)
  • Extract the contents of the patch archive into a folder and start the fullmarket.bat file.
  • If you would also like to use Live Wallpapers you need to copy the following file to the /system/app folder: LiveWallpapersPicker.apk


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