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With CSV2KML you can convert your CSV file to a Google Earth compatible KML file. As you can see in the screendump it started its life as a tool to convert my Torque for Android logs to Google Earth (since the Netherlands is as good as flat I use the altitude to show fuel comsumption) but once I was busy I thought I might as well create a complete converter.

As of version 0.5 there are actually some options in the points/placemark export. So far not much but as of now you can choose a preferred icon:

In windows and linux the icon selection window shows without a problem but I am not sure if it works under Mac OS/X. If it does not let me know so I can search for another way to easily choose a different icon.

You can download the latest version below. I use the Windows version myself so that has been tested the most. I have tested the linux version on a virtual Ubuntu machine and that also works as it should. Since I do not own a Mac I cannot test it myself but I have heard that, besides a problem with the application icon, it is fully functional.


Most recent version:
CSV2KML version 0.5.2 Windows Linux OS/X (Intel)
CSV2KML Manual Manual    
Outdated versions:
CSV2KML version 0.5.1 Windows Linux OS/X (Intel)
CSV2KML version 0.5 Windows Linux OS/X (Intel)
CSV2KML version 0.4.3 Windows Linux OS/X (Intel)
CSV2KML version 0.4.2 Windows Linux OS/X (Intel)
CSV2KML version 0.4.1 Windows Linux OS/X (Intel)
CSV2KML version 0.4 Windows Linux OS/X (Intel)
CSV2KML version 0.3 Windows Linux OS/X (Intel)
CSV2KML version 0.2.1 Windows Linux OS/X (Intel)
CSV2KML version 0.2 Windows    
CSV2KML version 0.1 Windows    


Version 0.5.2 (11/21/2011)
- added a file description (in the import file all lines with less than 2 separators will be treated as a description line)

Version 0.5.1 (11/18/2011)
- cleaned up the icon selection window and added the other earth icons

Version 0.5 (11/17/2011)
- added the option to choose another icon for points/placemark exports
- the input file header preference will now be saved

Version 0.4.3 (11/16/2011)
- added a checkbox to prevent 'deletion' of the first line for csv files without a column header (check or uncheck before loading the file)

Version 0.4.2 (11/05/2011)
- export folder changes are now saved

Version 0.4.1 (10/30/2011)
- updated to the lastest version of RealBasic which hopefuly solves the Linux and Mac graphical glitches

Version 0.4 (10/18/2011)
- added support for 3 column CSV files (the missing altitude is replaced with a 0 and altitude mode will be set to relative to ground)
- the listbox now shows a header (the original file header is dropped)

Version 0.3 (05/01/2011)
- completed the export as loose placemarks option

Version 0.2.1 (05/01/2011)
- added mouse over help for the line options

Version 0.2 (05/01/2011)
- color chooser added
- export folder chooser added (exe location is default)
- altitude mode option added
- line opacity slider added
- fixed several small problems

Version 0.1 (04/30/2011)
- initial version

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or suggestions!

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