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One of my hobbies is playing with ASP, Real Studio and, very occasionaly, Visual Studio. Below you can find some of the tools I made. Most software works on Windows (2000-7 confirmed), Linux and Mac OS/X.


Android Customizer

Android Customizer is basicaly just a abd batch file generator which you can use to copy and install files to your Android device. All preparation still needs to be done manually (preparing build.prop, etc) but installing is a lot easier than manually running the adb commands. Since this tools relies heavily on dos and adb a OS/X and Linux version might not be possible....



Aptoide XML Generator
With Aptoide XML Generator you can create the xml files needed to run a Aptoide repository on a Windows computer (the original scripts need PHP).


CVS2KML is a simple tool which can convert CSV into KML files  for the use in Google Earth.


Picasa Collections Tool
With the Picasa Collections Tool you can add multiple folders to a Picasa Collection at once. Archiver
The wallpapers on are very nice but having them all in one folder is no succes. With Archiver you can automatically move the files into a nice folder structure. Downloader
Downloading wallpapers from can be quite a hassle (at least if you want a lot). With Downloader this has become a lot easier! Just specify the resolutions you want and start downloading.


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