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With Downloader you can easily download wallpapers from

Just enter the page number, an existing download folder and the preferred resolutions you would like to download cool. Since version 0.4a it even has the option of specifying whom's wallpapers you would like to download (default is everyone)! After downloading you can use my Archiver to order the downloads into a nice folder structure.

I have tested the Linux version on a virtual Ubuntu machine and it, besides some visual glitches, works perfect (the filenames where also written with a / in front but that is corrected in 0.4.4). I guess it also workes on OS/X but that I cannot test myself.

Known bugs/problems:

- If you download the 1024x768 resolution the random walls which are also on the page will also be downloaded. Although this is hardly as problem I will try to fix this in a next version!

- Besides Björk I noticed another exception which I needed to add (AnnaSophie Robb). In the future version 0.5 the exceptions will be stored externaly for easy maintenance.


Most recent version: Downloader 0.4.7 Windows Linux OSX
Outdated versions: Downloader 0.4.6 Windows Linux OSX Downloader 0.4.5 Windows Linux OSX Downloader 0.4.4 Windows Linux OSX Downloader 0.4.3 Windows Linux OSX Downloader 0.4.2 Windows Linux OSX Downloader 0.4.1 Windows Downloader 0.4 Windows Downloader 0.4a Windows Downloader 0.3.1 Windows Downloader 0.3 Windows Downloader 0.2 Windows Downloader 0.1a Windows    


Version 0.4.7 (11/15/2011)
- added another exception for the name AnnaSophie Robb (page would not load from the dropdown name list)

Version 0.4.6 (11/09/2011)
- changed the used URL of page 1 so that there is no more delay when a new wallpaper is added

Version Version 0.4.5 (11/07/2011)
- added a message to notify on completion
- implemented several checks to prevent errors
- replaced checkbox labels with plain text due to control transparancy problems in Real Studio
- removed more unnecessary code and simplified where possible

Version 0.4.4 (11/05/2011)
- corrected a small filename problem on Linux and probably also OS/X (a / was written in front)

Version 0.4.3 (11/05/2011)
- after loading the names list the first name, Everyone, is selected like it should

Version 0.4.2 (11/05/2011)
- added 1440x900 which I forgot blush
- now also for OS/X and Linux (untested so far!)

Version 0.4.1 (11/05/2011)
- added a download folder selector
- download folder changes are now automatically saved
- added an extra safety to check if the download folder exist before downloading

Version 0.4 (11/05/2011)
- added an exception so that even Bjork wallpapers are downloaded
- fixed a potential problem with the download folder (if not existing or specified)

Version 0.4a (11/04/2011)
- added the option to specify a specific name

Version 0.3.1 (11/04/2011)
- data now refreshes when the wallpaper resolutions or page number changes

Version 0.3 (11/04/2011)
- almost completely rewritten the download code so that files are now queued

Version 0.2 (11/04/2011)
- maximum page is now visible
- cleaned up almost all testing code
- download folder is stored in an external file (folders.txt)

Version 0.1 Alpha (11/03/2011)
- initial release, mostly for testing and determining the needs/wishes

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or suggestions!

This page has been modified on 15-11-2011 22:00:44