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There are a large amount of custom roms to be found on XDA Developers and Modaco.

After the T.E.A.M. rom started giving me problems (version 3.8) I recently switched to Amin's AOSP 2.3.7 rom. It has a Sense like interface but as you can see I removed it so that I know have a Android device like Google intended (without the SE cr*p). Since I have unlocked the bootloader I am now running Doomlords DooMKernal v0.5a FS with the additional wifi patches (flash the kernal + bootloader with flashtool and the wifi patches with xrecovery; see the XDA topic for more information or newer versions!).


The only problem I have encountered so far is that the reboot options (bootmenu and xrecovery) do not work. Getting into xrecovery is still possible with the back key but somehow the home key does not start the bootmenu. You can solve this by creating your own shortcut with GScript Lite. Install the app and create a new script with the name bootmenu for example. Give the script root permission with the checkbox and enter the following code:


cp /system/recovery/KernelDefaultMenu/recovery.desc  /data/local/tmp/recovery
touch /cache/recovery/boot

Simply running the script from within GScript will reboot into the menu without the use of the home key! You can of course also add a script for xrecovery:


cp /system/recovery/KernelDefaultxRec/recovery.desc /data/local/tmp/recovery
touch /cache/recovery/boot

You can find most of the custom roms I have tried/used below.


Installing a custom ROM

Installing a custom is very easy:

- copy the rom you want to install to your SD card

- Reboot into xRecovery

- Select 'Factory reset (full wipe)

- Select 'Wipe cache partitions'

- Go into the 'Advanced options'

- Select 'Wipe dalvik cache'

- Select 'Wipe battery stats'

- Go back to the main menu

- Select 'Install custom zip'

Most roms need a specific baseband (radio) version to work. You can find all the baseband versions below. Most are the standard baseband but I have also combined two versions (2.1.67 radio with the 2.1.65 kernel) into a version which 'should' be optimal for newer roms (CyanogenMod_6.1.3_xperia-TripNRaVeR-v1.5 for example).


Flashing basebands

Installing the baseband needs to be done with Flashtool. First download the appropiate baseband and unzip the .flf file into the firmware folder (which is inside the flashtool folder). Start Flashtool and press the Flash button. 

Select the baseband you need and press OK. Connect your phone (with debugging mode enabled) and wait until Flashtool has completed the flashing. You can use this exact procedure to flash the 2.3.3 FLF file to your X10!


Basebands & ROMs

2.1.67 with kernel from 2.1.65


All Roms I have tried


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