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X10 - Rooting

The first thing you would want to do is 'root' your phone so that you have full permission to change it. To do this you need to download Flashtool and, if not yet installed on your computer, the latest Java runtime.


Android 2.3.3

Finaly it has become easy again to root your X10! The latest FlashTool (0.4.2) can once again root your device without any hassle. The only 'setback' is that your device needs to be running a generic SE 2.3.3 rom so if you already have a custom rom, you will need to reflash that first. 

You can find FlashTool 0.4.2 on the Tools page or from their website.


Android 2.1

Start X10FlashTool.exe.

Now that the Flashtool is running go into your phone settings and activate 'debugging mode' (Settings > Applications > Development). Connect your phone and press the Root button in Flashtool.

After about 20 seconds your phone will reboot with root mode installed.


Installing xRecovery (2.1)

To install system patches and different roms you need to install xRecovery on your phone. Open Flashtool and connect your phone (with debugging mode enabled).

Press the 'Ask Root Perms' button and acknowledge the root access on your phone.

Press the xRecovery button. 

To open xRecovery reboot your phone and as soon as you see the white Sony Ericsson logo press the back button like you are playing Hyper Olympics. After a couple of second the xRecovery screen will appear:


Installing JIT Enabler v2 (2.1)

When you are running a standard rom you can double the speed of your phone by installing JIT Enabler v2.

There are two ways of installing the JIT Enabler:



- Copy the zip file to your SD card and reboot your phone into xRecovery.

- Select the option 'Install custom zip'  (scroll through the menu's with the volume buttons and acknowledge with the home button) and select the zip file.

- After installing the zip go into the 'advanced options' menu and select 'wipe dalvik cache' !

- Reboot your phone



- Connect your phone (with debugging mode enabled)

- If noy yet done, use the 'Ask Root Perms' to give Flashtool permission to change the phone system

- Press the 'Optimize' button and wait for the reboot.


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